Financial Management and Reporting

Over the past few years, organizations have made significant investments in technology related to financial management and reporting, only to discover that the returns on the investment were not as good as expected. Many are experiencing data integrity issues, a proliferation of stand-alone systems, and a lack of timely and integrated management information.

Bringing together operational and financial data in a manner that is supportive of management decision-making is the objective of many organizations. Our Financial Management & Reporting Services are designed to help you achieve the objective. We help you to design solutions that blend information technology capabilities with sound financial business processes.

Our Financial Management & Reporting Services

Developing effective reporting processes, mechanisms and tools, including those required to prepare departmental financial statements

Design pragmatic business processes that reduce the administrative burden of providing timely, accurate, and complete management information to the organization and decision makers

Review how business processes are making use of current investments in information technology, such as enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, assessing the success of operations, and make recommendations for improvement as required

Develop activity-based costing models, where applicable, to help determine if overhead resources are appropriate and supportive of business lines and design chargeback mechanisms

Advice and support on the development and documentation of sound financial accounting policies, practices, and processes

Review current financial processes and assess whether they are truly accrual-based, from budgeting through to transaction processing and reporting, and developing and implementing effective budgeting processes and systems